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H.B. London
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H.B.L. Ministries

— A Heart for Pastors —

H.B. London Ministries — a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) organization — was founded in July 2011 to develop and service programs and functions that offer encouragement and support to the clergy, their families, Christian organizations and their constituencies. It is also our intent to assist local churches in developing healthy, vibrant congregations through motivational events and group sessions with the local church staff.
It is our desire to:
  • Build awareness in general society that pastors and their families are uniquely called and are to be respected and honored as God's special servants.
  • Help pastors recapture their dreams, re-evaluate their calls from God, and emerge with a sense of mission and fulfillment, regardless of the size of their churches or the amount of their paychecks.
  • Assist pastors in setting their priorities — to put their families above anything else and to realize and acknowledge that God called them, not man.
  • Help clergy understand and support local parachurch ministries.
  • Facilitate training that helps pastors to concentrate on using their greater gifts, focus on what they are equipped to do, manage their time, be proper fathers/mothers to their children, etc.
  • Serve as a consultant to denominations and independent church organizations on behalf of their clergy members. 
  • Interact with seminaries and pastor-training institutions to help educate future pastors on the challenges they will be facing — with the specific goal of prevention on the front end, rather than failure on the back end.
H.B. London is available to speak at pastor and spouse retreats and conferences, denominational conferences and leadership events (state, regional, national), Christian radio station events, ministerial associations, military chaplains gatherings and Christian conference centers.

In addition, he has a heart for pregnancy resource centers and rescue missions, and will offer targeted talks that benefit these organizations in raising support and establishing credibility for their efforts.

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