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In addition to his work with this ministry,
H.B. London currently serves as pastor of
Friendship Church of Sun City, Palm Desert, California,
where he preaches each Sunday.
More information about this can be found
on the web site of the church.

The Heart of a Pastor


Taking Care of Each Other

The past few weeks have been harrowing for many people in our country. Along the eastern and southern coasts, some of the most devastating hurricanes in our lifetimes have dominated the news. In the western and northwest states, horrific wildfires have been destroying property at record rates. So many of those directly affected can only think numbly of survival and recovery. Meanwhile, it seems that so many others throughout the nation still fume over anything and everything with hatred and vitriol like we haven’t seen for some time. The world around us is a mess. It is a difficult time to be a pastor. But, then, maybe it always has been.