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In addition to his work with this ministry,
H.B. London currently serves as pastor of
Friendship Church of Sun City, Palm Desert, California,
where he preaches each Sunday.
More information about this can be found
on the web site of the church.

The Heart of a Pastor


Doing Everything for an Audience of One

The world around us, as never before, is based on information. Collecting and analyzing data is a major industry. Almost every news organization invests heavily in surveys and polls to find out “what everyone thinks” about local, national, and world events that are happening all around us. Corporations want to know what you think about every detail of each of their products or services. Political parties and special interest groups want to know what you think about their candidates or their perceived current hot issues. Entertainment media want to know what you think about their latest movie, television program, or stars. Online organizations want to know what web sites you visit and what items on those sites you pursue so that they can customize their marketing on other sites to you specifically. What would our world be like today without having all of this information collected? And is collecting data and tallying opinions a bad thing or can it be useful for good?

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