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In addition to his work with this ministry,
H.B. London currently serves as pastor of
Friendship Church of Sun City, Palm Desert, California,
where he preaches each Sunday.
More information about this can be found
on the web site of the church.

The Heart of a Pastor


The Struggle With Morality

A nationwide survey taken almost a decade ago by the Barna Research Group indicated that Americans were redefining what it means to do the right thing. If you look around our nation and our world today, you can clearly see that the survey was spot on. The decline in what we used to call morality is shocking! From the lack of ethics and integrity in the highest levels of government this past decade … to the values and “truth” being taught in classrooms … to the morals being depicted on TV and in movies … to the vitriolic actions of the mobs in the street … to the thoughts and actions of people we all know personally, what God calls sin seems to be more irrelevant today than at any period in our lifetimes.

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